Sunday, 24 July 2011

As if from nowhere, a blog appeared

So I’ve been thinking about starting this blog for about a year but lots of things got in the way. Well, actually only two things. Firstly, lack of a good name. Secondly, lack of a ‘USP’. One of my good friends puts an inordinate amount of stress on everyone and everything having a USP (apparently mine is ‘callousness’.) But anyway, a combination of she and the Apprentice made me think that having a USP was imperative. After many months and a failure at making the blog a combined venture (‘The Ravioli Supper’ - don’t ask, I was sorry I did) I thought of a USP. An illustrated food blog. However, it turned out that I find drawing food trying, not at all relaxing and am actually not very good at it. So that failed. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that this blog does not have a unique selling point or a good name. And the recipes might be a bit amateur because I’m more amateur than most bloggers - I’ve only been cooking frequently for about two years. Before that it was all under-seasoned Bolognese and other Pasta Sauces (but growing up in a house where rice is the s
taple, pasta is a treat). And the restaurant reviews for now will be very much localised to the Oxford area. But I started it all the same because I love talking about food. This will indulge that and I hope you’ll forgive me and maybe enjoy it.

Vaguely interesting aside – both people who I asked to proof read this before putting it on the Internet (I wasn’t going to put this up without any feedback - I’ve read the Guardian comment boxes below articles) linked me to this in their replies.

Anyway, are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.

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