Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Apparently the cheesecake is in vogue at the moment. Reading that made me want to gush about the time I ate the best cheesecake ever. Oh look this is the perfect medium to do that.

I was 'working' at a corporate law firm for a few weeks. Part of the ‘experience’ is being taken to eat at fancy restaurants (‘look what you’ll be able to afford if you work here’). If I’d been paying for my own food at Rocket (shares its name with a club I really wanted to go to for my 18th birthday before I found out it was a strip club), I would’ve left feeling like I’d been robbed. I have little recollection what I had for a starter or main but a quick peek at the menu informs me that I had the Thai spiced pork cakes to start. MISTAKE. Should've had the fried baby squid instead, punchy with chilli and coriander, (haters can hate.) The main thing the calzone that followed had going for it was its size - one of the law firm reps taunted my ‘girl’s appetite’ and bet I couldn’t finish it. I proved him wrong but if I wasn't such a competitive wretch, I probably wouldn’t have. Too much mozzarella – almost overpowering the chorizo. And the chorizo and mozzarella together demolished the prawns.

Anyway, I'm just setting the scene. The real event was dessert. Raspberry and vanilla bean cheesecake. I thought I wouldn’t finish it because I was really full (and that’s saying something, I’ve been known to eat a whole Tesco Finest New York cheesecake in one sitting) but I ordered all the same since I wasn’t paying. One taste and all the other errors of the meal were forgiven. It was the best cheesecake I’ve ever tasted in my whole life. And I’ve eaten lots of cheesecake – it’s the modal choice of desserts. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth but rarely say no to the tang of cheesecake coupled with the not-too-sweetness of a buttery base (base base, buttery biscuit base). This cheesecake was so packed with vanilla that the raspberry was the accompanying flavour rather than the main event, the way it should be but rarely is. And it was all so light and fluffy I swear it felt like the vanilla fairy was dancing on my tongue. But it still had the reigns of tart keeping it in check. Oh man, I wish I was in London already so I could go to Rocket for pudding now.

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  1. Wow, so when someone googles 'Magnolia bakery cheesecake' because her cousin has been raving about it the night before, goodgirlslashcarrots has telepathically done a post on it!!! Apparently New York Cheesecake at Magnolia Bakery is quite something, but so far:( I would love love to try the one at Rocket! Also, recently Eric Lanlard has baked a raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake on his programme!! Another friend has his book, and apparently all the recipes are fantastic... worth a try!? :):)