Friday, 19 August 2011

Review - York & Albany

I am tired and feeling under the weather and if the free lunch I'm enjoying in 10 minutes is anything other than macaroni cheese, I'll be very disappointed. The reason for this tiredness (read: hangover) is corporate hospitality which included dinner at the York & Albany.

The food was the only disappointing bit of the evening. The gin and tonic was stern and strong and the atmosphere was lively. We even caught a glimpse of David Mitchell. He has a beard at the moment. Failed to get a candid camera shot to send to Heat though. But the food was its failing.

Bread - weird tasting, sour and salty. Insufficient butter.

Starter - roasted red pepper stuffed with romesco sauce with a dollop of goat's cheese on the side. Badly presented (I wish I'd taken some pictures), bland, too much romesco sauce, badly put together (goat's cheese totally overpowered the not-sweet-enough pepper)

Main - cod tagine and cous cous. So boring. Underseasoned cod. Flavourless cous cous. Underseasoned broccoli on the side. Apparently the fillet steak was very good, I missed a trick there. One of my fellow diners said there's something special about a restaurant which does steak really well but I don't agree. I'm underwhelmed by steak and think that you should do everrrrything on your menu well. Otherwise, don't put it on your menu!

Dessert - peach parfait. It also came with a raspberry (?) sorbet and something which reminded me of tinned peaches but didn't taste as good. This was basically three different types of cold, icy fruit in slightly varying shapes, sizes and colour. And oddly, they all tasted of the same fruit but not particularly of peach.

I don't know what's more disappointing - the food from last night or the fact that lunch wasn't macaroni cheese...

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