Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Review - Rossopomodoro

Made in Chelsea. Have you seen it? It's brilliant. A C4 programme about the lives of some young Chelsea kids who seem to have limitless funds and not much intelligence. Somehow I've managed to find myself in two different places with members of the Made in Chelsea cast. Well, not with them. Just in the same expanse of space as them. Still counts. Anyway, the second spotting was in an Italian restaurant in Fulham. Well, I thought it was Fulham but I think maybe it might have been in Chelsea. I really wanted to get a candid camera photo of Caggie and Spencer enjoying some pasta to send into Heat magazine but I was too cowardly. Silly me. FYI - she was wearing a pink velour tracksuit top and he was wearing shorts with some sort of hoodie. They did not look glamorous. But perhaps they'd just been to the gym or something in which case they did look very glamorous because she (and probably he too) had a full face o' make up on and neither of them looked like they wanted to die.

The restaurant was Rossopomodoro. A quick google to check I hadn't spelt it wrong shows me that yes, yes it was in Chelsea, not Fulham. So I probably would've been able to get a cheaper plate of pasta down the road where I was headed anyway. I had swordfish pasta with a cherry tomato sauce and black olives.
When I first tasted I thought it didn't taste as salty as I had expected it to. That was because they'd forgotten the olives. They did scatter some on top when I pointed this out though. I think I preferred it without the olives, they were hold while the rest of the dish was hot. Although I would've liked the salt of the olives in the sauce because without it tasted a tad underseasoned. The swordfish was meaty and well cooked however and the cherry tomatoes still left with a little pop in them so the sauce wasn't as sweet as most cherry tomato sauces I've tried. My friend had the other option I was thinking of going for. Meatballs and peas in a ragu sauce with parmesan.
Her meatballs were cooked perfectly. What's mainly worth mentioning, however, is the pasta. I think this was the best cooked pasta I've ever had. It was exactly on the right side of al dente. I'm quite sure the dishes we each chose were supposed to come with different types of pasta but they seemed to come with the same type. It was like really fat penne without the ridges. As in, really fat. Each piece needed to be cut into three to make a manageable mouthful. I'm not sure if this pasta shape was the right choice for either of the sauces that we were having. Mine was already in small enough pieces so the pasta was the only thing that needed cutting. But that meant cutting in such a way so you had the right proportions of each so you weren't left with excess sauce or worse, just pasta. NIGHTMARE. All in all, excellently cooked pasta and meat/fish but the overall effect was still average. I might go back there but I wouldn't recommend it. I wonder what Caggie and Spencer's take on the place was...

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