Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Review: Mugen (at last)

28 pieces of sushi and a healthily sized chicken katsu curry for £8! I knew there was a reason I'd been trying to go to Mugen so desperately. If I'd have to play normal prices (£16) for this, I would've thought it was perfectly reasonable. But Mugen do this lovely thing where they slash prices by half between 5 and 6 to get rid of their leftover stock. There isn't much left over as the food is really delicious and so Mugen is a very popular lunch venue. But who cares when it's this cheap?
And it's all genuinely very tasty! The chicken katsu is deep and salty and delicious with sticky sticky rice to soak up all the sauce. Actually, now I think about it, I don't think I've ever had a bad chicken katsu curry. Perhaps this is a sign that I don't know what a really, really good one tastes like? Or maybe I've just been very lucky. Most of the katsu I've eaten has been from Edamame, a cute, very reasonably priced place which opens weird hours in Oxford, and that was probably better than Mugen's. But then Edamame do make your food for you there and then whereas this half price stuff was leftover. But still so good!
Now that I've doubted my reliability as a katsu-taster, I will doubt my abilities as a sushi taster. I've only had proper sushi/sashimi from a restaurant once before. A very expensive place in Holborn which I can't remember the name of. I didn't eat that much but I wasn't that sold. Mugen's, on the other hand, I really enjoyed. The white fish and cucumber rolls were my favourite. Perhaps I'll go on to eat far superior sushi and change my mind about how good this was. But for now, I can say it tasted nice and fresh and made you want more of it. Well, it made you want more but we probably couldn't have managed more. All of this fed two people well and left enough for a snack for a third. We were stuffed. Although not too stuffed - champagne and profiteroles an hour after dinner to wash everything down.

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