Monday, 12 September 2011

Food for the SOUL

I've been spending a lot of time avoiding working. This involved making mini-calzone stuffed with steak and deep frying them and also a lot of time on the Internet.

1. This,  followed by this (4th suggestion when you type in 'Louder than', well done them), leaving the best 'til last. I especially like that they took such offence at the Guardian article yet not so much with the much meaner Vice article. I assume that they read them both but that they think Vice is cooler.

2. Vaguely annoying couple blogging Americans? Oh Jesus, there goes all will to revise.

3. I hate things which are calf length and those stupid bowler hats that people seem to be wearing these days. A lot of people on here are wearing them. Perhaps if I saw those outfits in the street, I'd be all WOAH THAT'S COOL (no guarantees though) but seeing it all together makes me saaad. I can't quite articulate why. This girl on the other hand has become a new idol which is embarrassing because she's only 3 years older than me. She's so cool! I especially liked her answer about her jaw in the FAQ section. I thought this was just an amusing way for her to deal with people being all 'what's wrong with yo face?'  But no, it's all totally serious AND interesting to read.

4. I dislike twee when it's two hipsters blogging about their seemingly boringly lives. But in music I love it.  Twee Americans, I like even more. And the most twee band I know are due to release their album soon. Excellent.

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  1. Vaguely annoying? Well, glad to hear I'm not ridiculously annoying :)