Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Review - Sojo

'The Interpretation of Dreams'. That was the subject title of the email from the friend who emailed me the photo. The body read 'you were very rude to me in a dream last night.' Later that week, I was rude to him in person. After he'd made me a cheese sandwich and fed me lots of water to sober me up. Terrible behaviour on my part. Anyway, he was emailing me the photo from our lunch at Sojo earlier in the week. And the dream probably wasn't so much a prediction of rudeness later in the week but picking up on my less-than-100% mood at that lunch. I don't have much of a sense of humour when I'm tired and during this lunch, I was tired then a bad-taste joke was told which I couldn't find funny which put me in a bad mood. Then I was mocked (as I always am) for wanting to take a photo of the food when it came. I usually take it in my stride. However, my bad mood meant that I did NOT take it well. Further mocking ensued when I asked for the food to be wrapped up to take away (I ate barely half of it, I don't think that's unreasonable...) which was followed by me denying that I was annoyed. But I was. But it's never nice to admit you're cranky!
The food was also disappointing. But maybe that was my bad mood colouring my palate? I've been to Sojo before and loved the food. But this time, it just didn't have the same wow-factor. My mouth was not popping and bursting with heat. Indeed, all I could pick up was the headiness of the rice-wine overpowering everything else on my Szechuan pork. Perhaps I ordered badly? Last time I went, we had spicy beef and aubergine, yellowbean chicken and green beans with minced pork. I can't commend it all highly enough. My two friends who ordered the spicy beef and aubergine and yellowbean chicken both seemed happier with their food though. I'm going to put it down to poor ordering. And maybe as a sign that it's usually better at dinner? More research needed. It wasn't so bad that I'm hesitant about going again.

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