Monday, 7 November 2011

Review - Edamame

I was considering getting an iPhone again the other day. This is because my phone does this new fun thing where I'll be composing (yes, it is an art form) a text and all of a sudden, it'll freeze and turn off. So many witty quips lost. But I've decided to stick to my crappy Nokia. I think if I were to get an iPhone, I might eventually come to this conclusion. So I may as well save myself the expense. This particular Nokia is actually one of my more advanced phones: it has a camera and everything. Before, I had this bad boy:

On this I managed to get the highest Snake score I have ever seen on any phone ever. It was 10 times larger than the next highest I knew of which was in turn a lot higher than the next highest. I'm so cool. I can't remember what happened to this phone but I can make up some bullshit story about how me and my ex-boyfriend had the same phone in different colours and swapped phone backs but then he went to university and got a Blackberry and we broke up. Poetic. It was time to move on.
This came next. I think it was just a slightly newer and smaller basic phone. I got very excited when I first got it because it reminded me of my favourite phone in all of the world ever:
I was 14, I was in love and this phone had the coolest version of Snake EVER. Oh, and it had number blocking! I can't even remember what happened to this phone but it is not longer with us. Anyway, my excitement was misplaced, the grey phone was NOT the same. And it did this fun thing where it stopped sending texts without telling me. Once I realised that I wasn't just being blanked by everyone ever all the time, it had to go. It has now become the phone which gets used if anyone breaks their phone. During one of these stints, my friend dropped it down the toilet. Gross. This is the phone I currently use:
It's definitely one of the more advanced phones I've had. I only have it because my brother got a smartphone. It doesn't look as pretty as in the picture though: the screen is cracked in three places and the red music controls were at some point ripped off. But it's still pretty snazzy - CAMERA. But you must remember that while this phone has a camera, it is not a camera phone. That's why the photos in this entry will be worse than usual. I have used it to take photos only 5 times - when there was something that really 'needed' capturing but I'd left my (not particularly good) camera at home. When I found myself without a camera at Edamame, I felt that this was one of those times. I got to Edamame not-infrequently - it's a 5 minute walk away and the food is delicious, after all. However, since going there usually occurs on the spur of the moment, I'm unlikely to have my camera with me. So I just went with it.
First impressions are everything and being given a free, lightly flavoured tea ensures that you'll make one. It helps the decision making too. I've eaten everything on the menu from Edamame which is a rare treat. It meant I could go for what I reallllly really wanted instead of feeling compelled to order interestingly. Pork curry won.
Unfortunately, this is probably the worst meal I've ever eaten at Edamame. But it was still really good. The sauce remains the favourite Japanese curry sauce I've tasted, a lovely light gold with delicious pockets where the carrots and the flavour-drenched potatoes are. Unfortunately, the pork let it down this time. It was a little overcooked and the coating was too bready and heavy. This has never happened before. But it was very minor and probably wouldn't even have noticed had I not been accustomed to flawless food from here. Flawless even down to the rice and miso soup. I didn't like miso soup until I tried Edamame's. It's just so savoury. There's no other way of describing it. And the rice is sticky and infused with a subtle flavour to stop it being bland while at the same time retaining its purity. My fellow diners went for yakisoba. All plates were left as if they had never had food on them. It's interesting that I chose to write a post mainly about my various phones given what happened subsequently.

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