Saturday, 17 December 2011

Review - Bodean's

I have recently picked up the nasty habit of deleting old 'friends' from the Internet. The first round was 'it's kind of weird for me to 'be friends with' these people now that I'm not going out with this person anymore'. Then came 'If I'm honest, I'm never ever going to see/speak to this person again ever.' That was then followed by 'Yeah we were friends once but we haven't spoken in YEARS oh and also they're still in touch with someone they wouldn't know if it weren't for me and oh she still has my shoes BITCH.' Most recently was 'I hatljes bIrmignmaham and I wantm t;o for teget everiuytging from threh everjk even the ep eopele I  ieleike.' I probably should've realised that I would certainly regret the last round of deletions in the morning. But I can't re-add them. And I've kept some people who I definitely know less well for no apparent reason. And I'm following some of them on Twitter. Awk. On the plus side, I was staying with one of the few which remain last week and it was 'just like old times.' I had a very soppy moment walking back from having purchased a fur coat at gushing about how glad I was that things hadn't changed. But then I felt a bit sad about all the people who I could still be in touch if it weren't for my trigger-happy attitude to the 'unfriend' button. This has happened quite frequently because, as you'd expect, a lot of our conversation centres (-ers?) around old times. Like the time we went to Pizza Hut and my friends dared me to eat all the jalapenos so I did. This came up at Bodean's, an American diner-style place in Fulham, when a plate of nachos covered in jalapenos arrived.
The reason we'd ended up there is because my friend remembered how much I used to like meat and thought I'd love this place. I don't like meat as much now but I still enjoyed this place. (That last sentence is NOT supposed to be a demonstration of how things change but that's OK.) We shared the meat platter and some nachos. There was far, far too much food for us to finish. I appreciate that in a restaurant. The meat platter included pulled pork, 3 types of ribs all of different smokiness, BBQ chicken, fries and coleslaw.
The pulled pork wasn't too strongly flavoured although a little too stringy. The baby back ribs were well balanced, a nice combination of smoky and sweet. Unfortunately, they weren't melt in your mouth soft. The other ribs were smokier and a little more bitter but their texture was preferable. Surprisingly, I think the chicken was the star of the show. The texture was still a little wet which was a welcome change from the dryness of the pork. And the coating was, as with the rest, a nice mix of flavour without any one overpowering. Chips were crispy and well seasoned, as they should be. Coleslaw was disappointing: I could taste that it had been made with yoghurt. Whenever I look up coleslaw recipes, I feel suspicious when I see yoghurt was one of the ingredients. This suspicion was irrational because to my knowledge, I'd never had yoghurt-based coleslaw before. I'm quite sure the tang of this coleslaw was that of yoghurt rather than mayonnaise and for me, it didn't quite work. All in all, a good place to get dinner. Not too special but incredibly good value. And the atmosphere is red and sporty. It made me feel like I wanted a beer even though I hate beer.

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