Thursday, 12 January 2012

Review - Cape of Good Hope

I have nothing new to report. I didn't manage to sleep for a very long time until such a time that I feel normal again so am still in a haze. Advantages: zen, uncritical(ish), chilled mood remains. Disadvantages: no motivation (or ability) to do anything or concentrate. Most of my days have been trying to work then trying to sleep interspersed with 'sorting my life out' meetings. I had been doing the trying to sleep bit before my FREE LUNCH at Cape of Good Hope, a pub with the hardest pub quiz ever on Cowley Road in Oxford. What I like best about it is that it's called Cape of Good Hope and it's at a junction so the shape of the building looks like the actual Cape of Good Hope. So, I got to eat there for free. Advantages of having a food blog: friends asking you to be their +1 when they win a free meal. Disadvantages: being really annoying and posting it everywhere all the time to get more hits because seeing that people read it gives you a bigger than it should. The deal was that we'd each get a free main. I went for the sausages, kale colcannon and gravy because I'd been craving sausages the day before. Prize Winner went for the pork belly salad with beetroot and sweet potato.
Sausages and mash were quite bland. The sausages were good quality and the mash was smooth but the kale didn't seem to really add much. It all sort of tasted the same. The gravy would've been their chance to shine. It was supposed to be a red onion gravy but I didn't get any of the sweetness that the red onions led me to expect. Oh and there was a superfluous bit of parsley on top and I HATE that. It wasn't bad, it was just very boring.
Pork belly was nicely cooked although they were a little meagre with it. The accompaniments, while each individually delicious, together they didn't work. They were all quite strong flavours (in particular the beetroot) and the pork couldn't be tasted through it all. So, one tasted of too much and one of too little. The portion sizes were good though and the price is cheap enough (for Oxford) and the atmosphere is lovely.

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