Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Review - (Rock the) Kazbar

I love puns! Kazbar is a place I frequented a fair amount in summer of first year because the food was really good and very good value when the half price deal was on. One time (at band camp), I wore a very pretty yellow dress and debated whether to wear pretty blue heels to match the pretty yellow dress and pretty denim shirt and decided to go for sandals (which my mother threw away at the end of that summer and I cried) and then afterwards, I was supposed to be seeing Dangerous Liaisons but bumped into someone who I really didn't want to bump into and then flaked on the play because watching something about how everyone fucks each other over was the last thing I wanted to do. All this definitely wouldn't have happened had I been wearing the slammin' blue heels. Oh God and the other time which springs to mind is when I went there for dessert and then went and met someone afterwards and argued and cried for 3 hours. This time, post-Kazbar was relaxed and calm and the most eventful thing which happened was adding honey to my camomile tea. However, Kazbar itself has deteriorated a little in quality. Firstly, the deal is no longer half price tapas at certain times. Now, it's £2 tapas (which is very good) but only from a selection of tapas. That selection did not include my favourite dish (lamb with butternut squash in a lemon and pea sauce) there but I insisted that we order it anyway because it's so good. The rest we ordered from the tapas menu: seafood salad, slow cooked potatoes and chorizo, falafel and babaganoush.
I did not think much of the seafood salad - it needed a lot more lemon despite the fact that the dressing was almost overpoweringly covered in lemon/vinegar and the texture of the seafood was rather unpleasant. The falafel were good, not over seasoned as I find most falafel to be. The tzatziki with the falafel and babaganoush were delicious though the babaganoush was a little tarter than I'd have liked. Potatoes and chorizo were really, really good. Crispy and dark and almost sweet. The lamb, my favourite, was a let down. The lamb wasn't as tender as it could've been at the sauce didn't have that same moreishness about it that I remember. Overall, it's still a cosy place to eat and great value(ish) during deal time but not as good as it used to be. Or perhaps they were just having an off day?

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