Saturday, 3 March 2012

Review - Turl Street Kitchen

'If you know me or have come to know me through this Internet web log, you won't be at all surprised to learn that shortly after composing my last post, I fled, as I am wont to do when the going gets tough, with a little bag of tupperware in one hand and laundry in the other. Actually, thinking about the other times I've fled during my university career, I don't think this quite qualifies as fleeing. Since other occasions include That Time I Got Norovirus and That Time I Tried to Rearrange My Room After Having Been Out and Hit My Head on the Corner of the Desk (and all other occasions when something has gone awry and I've reverted to being Daddy's Little Girl at 3am, demanding 'YOU NEED TO COME AND GET ME NOW, MY LIFE IS FALLING APART') I don't think this time really counts as fleeing. This was more recognising that I'm not doing any work and not wanting to lose another week to No Work & Bad Decisions. I suspect you'll find out if it worked in the next post. Anyway, my return back to Oxford provided the perfect opportunity to visit Dosa Park which is by the train station i.e. too far to bother with unless you're already in the vicinity.'

Sometimes I write preambles before eating at a place because I know what I want to egotistically rant about before doing the eating. That post (which appeared on someone's google reader pre-publish, awk) was to be called 'Fleeing' and was to be published on Thursday. However, despite an extensive discussion about the relative merits of Trichy Dosa and Dosa Park, I didn't go there in the end. The best laid plans and all that. So this is really the 'next post' to which it refers. My progress? Take a guess. Of course I've done no work since returning. Instead, as always, I've worried about exams but not done any work, been out to eat, been a drunk mess, done some ridiculous crap (I have two new piercings now) and then whined about it. But I'm sure you're all bored to tears hearing about it now since that appears to be all I write about. I'm certainly bored of living it (at this point in time). Even a life of leisure becomes rather tiresome at a point. (Could I have phrased that in a more annoying manner? Probably not.) But then, as I write this I'm going through a serotonin low point so I imagine my attitude will probably change in a few hours. Anyway, enough of this. Turl Street Kitchen.
Two lamb hotpots and one fish soup. It was going to be a lamb hotpot, fish and chips and a fish soup but they'd run out of the whiting. It looked delicious though. Lamb hotpot was a tad underseasoned but had a lovely crispy potato top. I was dubious about the inclusion of black pudding and barley but it actually worked really nicely together and combined to give some warming textures. The kale was not properly drained and also not seasoned. The fish soup was full of fishy flavour (I mean that as a positive, it was lovely). I probably would have enjoyed it more if I wasn't wanting to die a little bit.

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