Thursday, 2 February 2012

Review - Kesh

I had taken a trip to London to buy some material to ensure that I'm belle of the ball (I almost certainly won't be). I then made the mistake of calling my mother from the post office to tell her that I was posting the material to her and could she please take it to the dressmakers for me. She insisted upon coming to visit me in Oxford the next day to 'get the material.' I know I am being a very ungrateful daughter for whining about my parents wanting to see me and do me a favour that will save me money. Such is life. Anyway, I had been intending on staying the night in London. My mother did not prevent this - she said it was highly unlikely they'd get to Oxford before I returned. It was my stupidity. My 3am logic was 'I could either brave this journey now with my beer jacket and sleep in my own bed or do it tomorrow morning when I will be tired and probably feeling (and looking) like death.' It seems obvious which choice ought to be made. I made that choice. Except I did not factor in the fact that a) night buses are unreliable, b) night coaches are unreliable and c) it is freezing. My journey home involved a two hour wait for two separate, delayed 24 hour transport services. I cried because I was so cold. I tried to call a friend to take my mind off things but I had lost my favourite gloves (suede, elbow length, beautiful) earlier in the week and I could feel the skin on my hands cracking from just holding the phone. I got home at 6am, managed to sleep for three hours then dozed for a further four. Seeing my parents was the last thing I wanted to do. However, again, I scored a free meal at Kesh down Cowley Road and actually it wasn't that bad and once I was fed and mint-tea'd, I really felt quite perky.
We had the traditional Moroccan soup, mixed meze (which included a cheese filled pastry, falafel, hummus and salads), Kesh cous cous and bread.
I probably would have thought this place was amazing had I not been to the very similar but much better Oxford's Grill last week. I don't want to play it down though, this place was good. The soup was warming and lovely and nicely seasoned but a little too watery and lacking in flavour. The pastry was crisp and not too heavy. The falafel was delicious! I really enjoyed the salads, one was a cold bean thing that went really well with the cous cous. The cous cous thing was very good. But I think I might not like cous cous? I don't mind it but I don't actively like it. The chicken was tender. The mint tea and arabic coffee were nice to finish with. Really good at some bits, a bit lacklustre at others.

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