Friday, 17 February 2012

Review - Jude the Obscure

Detox week ended about a week ago and I treated the week that followed as a 'reading week'. And by that I mean I read nothing but fiction and spent most days in bed and most nights in unhealthy company/surroundings. It's been fun. The week began with an innocent game of backgammon and prawn fried rice but that evening turned into a surprise culminating in drunk 6.30am yoga. Monday was spent writing apologetic emails writing the week off. Then followed 80s murder mystery Wednesday, a vast improvement on mild kidney infection Tuesday. Thursday was a day of acceptable gambling aka pub quiz machine and snow. Saturday was my official Last Night of Chaos with lots of past peripheral faces making an appearance, inappropriate-for-potential-employers stories being written and broken headbands. Also, all the spirits. Free spirits. The week's activity hasn't really lent itself to blogworthy food, partly because there's been an above-average amount of meal skipping. And the meals which weren't skipped featured lots of pasta. Interesting pastas (puttanesca, sausage casserole, pesto and tuna), but pasta nonetheless. Friday, probably the most wholesome day, had the most interesting meal: supper at Jude the Obscure with a friend who I feel SUCH GREAT AFFECTION for. He's such a babe. When we go for dinner just the two of us, it's usually just by chance. This time it happened because another friend had failed to make a booking for Turl Street Kitchen which left us in a dinner-lurch after our respective plans. After a freezing walk to Jericho, we ended up in Jude the Obscure.
This is the first time I've been there and I much prefer it to the Jericho Tavern which is just next door. The food at Jericho Tavern is better but the atmosphere in Jude the Obscure trumps. Jericho Tavern has something quite artificial about it. It's nice but you can tell that they've spent some time cultivating that chilled, pretentious vibe. Jude the Obscure just seems more base but also more real. Also, the food is significantly cheaper than in the Jericho Tavern (and the quality isn't that inferior). And they have cool film posters! We ordered lasagne, a chicken  burger and haggis and macaroni bites to share.
The menu wasn't particularly inspiring or fussy but still had a decent selection. My lasagne perhaps wasn't the proper Italian kind, more of an English spin on the dish but the sauce was meaty and rich and there was plenty of cheese to cut through the depth. The haggis and macaroni bites were my suggestion because they were the only non-conventional thing on the menu. They reminded me of bitterballen but were a poor imitation if I'm honest. The crumb had slightly burnt and the filling wasn't as gooey as it should have been. 6/10.

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