Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Review - Lan Kwai Fong

After being a generally miserable bitch and going home instead of manning up about my hairspray-screwed ear, I had a lovely productive morning since I woke up in no kind of self-inflicted pain with normal serotonin levels. Wonderfully refreshed as I was, I ran some errands I'd been putting off: travel money, luxury ingredients and returning some clothes. Then I went to the piercing place and spent twenty minutes crying out in pain and trying not to throw up. This was followed by a walk home on the phone to Stompy ('I need to speak to you so I don't pass out') and returning straight to bed in a wave of 'I hurt, I'm in too much pain, I hate everything'. So that's how the one shot I had at a productive day last week was ruined. Although I do appear to whine about my lack of productivity quite a left, I suppose it's meant I've done nice things as the last few grains slip through the egg timer. On this particular day, I'd planned to eat at a restaurant that I'd tried and failed to arrange lunch/dinner dates at last term. Again, this time I failed. But not because of a flaky companion this time. We even got to the place (Moya on St. Clement's, if anyone cares) but it was closed for lunch. Alas. Since we were all pretty hungry, we made a snap decision to eat somewhere close and ended up at Lan Kwai Fong on Cowley Road. I've been here in the pre-food blog days, supposedly paid for by the fast-dissipating inheritance of the super-creepy but generous boss man. I remember it being good but in an MSG and sake fuelled way. This time, the experience was a lot less raucous but still just as pleasant. We ordered from the lunch menu - chicken and sweetcorn soup, crispy spring rolls, chicken satay/tao pan king prawns, sweet and sour chicken/tofu with green pepper and black bean sauce.
The starters were all pleasant enough but not good. Well, they were enjoyable and there was nothing wrong with them but they definitely weren't even approaching the pinnacle. Basically, average but enjoyable.
Mains were significantly better. The sweet and sour was more delicate and less heady than most sweet and sours I've tried. The tofu, again enjoyable. I definitely ordered best though. Tao pan prawns were absolutely delicious. As sweet as it was spicy with plenty of just cooked, almost fluffy prawns. Overall, I was pretty happy with my meal. Especially my 'Fool's Gold' cocktail which involved some combination of spirits, coke and Tabasco. I love Tabasco in drinks! The only real criticisms of the dish were that the soup didn't have enough soy and that the rice wasn't sticky enough. So much so that the ex-pat child of the group didn't use chopsticks. Or at least, that's the reason he cited instead of 'I can't be bothered'.

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