Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Review - The White Horse

It seems as though all I do these days is wake up at 9, eating a sugary sugary snack and head to the piercing place to go through a period of vomit-inducing pain. Ah, the lengths we go to to be indie-alternative, eh? (I wish I could take credit for that last sentence but it was actually one of my indie-alternative friends.) The third time I went through this routine was particularly unpleasant because I'm also ill (again). My immune system hates me. After I returned, all I wanted to do was collapse but Contrary was surprisingly still in my room printing her coursework so instead I made some very strong chai. And then there wasn't time to nap/roll around in my bed groaning about how many type sof pain I was in because the coursework had been handed in and I was due at celebratory lunch. It was initially going to be at The Plough but the weather was a bit scum and also my friend the very earnest Lusty Egg (she does voice work for GCSE Biology tapes, no lie) was due to do what she does best again. So instead we went to the White Horse, a pub famed for doing the best fish and chips in Oxford. As such, three of our group ordered them.
I can see why the dish is so famed. The batter was the most beautiful golden colour and had clearly been made there. It almost made little amber peaks around the just flaky fish within. The chips were similarly a lovely texture and with the right amount of crisp and salt. I went for the toad in the hole and Contrary wanted that too but she refused to make us a poker-full-house because she tries not to order the same as someone she's eating with (I really appreciate that in an eating companion) and instead went for the lamb shank roast dinner.
The portions were massive which is exactly what I expect from a pub lunch. The sausages were not-greasy to the point that they were almost dry and you could taste that they were great quality. The mash was smooth though a tad underseasoned but that was no problem while it was surrounded by a little moat of deep gravy. The vegetables were super fresh and clearly not from a packet of frozen ones. And they still had a little bit to them - i.e. they weren't cooked to death so all the vitamins had dissipated. The one complaint was that it wasn't reallllly toad in the hole, it was sausages on top of a yorkshire pudding. The yorkshire pudding lacked a little on the texture front - not quite crispy enough but that might have been the fault of the delicious gravy. This was the perfect pre-afternoon-feverish-nap meal.

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