Sunday, 11 March 2012

Review - Trichy Dosa

So remember how I was supposed to eat dosa but then didn't? Well, that happened. Not from the same place. But it still happened. Dosas are cool! Unfortunately, the subsequent evening activity which I had also been excited for (lame as it is that I had planned an outfit for something which is not that fun and happens ALL of the time) was spoiled by a very bad reaction of one of my piercings to some hairspray. This bad reaction meant that I was in awful pain all day and that made waiting an hour for the takeaway to arrive even more difficult. Don't take painkillers on an empty stomach, kids. It also meant that I was particularly impatient and inarticulate when explaining where to deliver to. But my Northern friend stepped in and saved the day in her polite, soft-spoken way. The food was so worth waiting for. Having never ordered from here before, we were unsure of portion size so erred on the side of caution when ordering i.e. ordering lots just in case they were stingy. That meant we had waaay too much, but, as the Illusionist pointed out, better too much than too little. And we still managed to put most of it away.
We ordered lamb chettinadu, lamb madras, chicken biryani, chilli chicken, trichy special vegetable curry, trichy special dosa, green lentil dosa, masala dosa, bisibelebath, rice, chappatis and naan. That's not that much when you consider that there were five of us. Also I'm pretty sure the trichy special dosa didn't actually come. The only dosas I've encountered before Trichy were from Chutney's and they're about the right size for one person for lunch. Well, for one large-appetited person for lunch. These were almost two feet long! Everything was highly spiced and well seasoned with the mushy potato encased in the dosa providing a cloudy, palate-cleansing base. My personal favourites were the lamb madras, tear-inducingly fiery, the vegetable curry and the bisibelebath (a sort of vegetable medley within rice). The chicken was all moist and all of the breads and rices were of the right texture. The green lentil soup was a mistake. My only complaint aside from that was that all of the tastes were not particularly refined. A little samey almost. But then that's partly to do with the fact that they were all mushed together on my plate. I can forgive it because it all had a home-cooking, street-food vibe and I think that may have been lost if they'd tried to be more delicate.

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