Wednesday, 11 April 2012

For all my pretty words

I have regressed to feeling seventeen again. I blame the change of the seasons. When it gets really bright but it's still quite cold and kind of rainy sometimes I feel like the brightness is making everything seem really stark and sparse and empty. Or something. I'm quite enjoying it (kind of) since I've grown too cynical and lacking in hormones to sustain actually feeling feelings, misery or otherwise. I've even had to ramp up the 'woe is me' for this entry. So really, I suppose what I'm trying to say is that I'm all floaty and easily distracted (but I always am?) and listening to lots of music with words (The Magnetic Fields, Immaculate Machine, The Shins) that I can be all like 'oh wow this is genius this is really speaking to me wow'. And that this time has served as a nice little reminder that I'm definitely not a sociopath. Unfortunately, the disadvantages of this are that at this point in time, I can't afford to be so distracted the whole time because these exams are a lot harder than A levels. I miss A levels. They were so easy. Now, even two months isn't enough. I feel so panicked. But I still can't concentrate and am just reading words on a page that don't connect into sentences. Oh dear. As I type, I am sat in the library avoiding writing an essay on Quistclose trusts. Trust me, you don't care what that is. So how am I to tie this to something I ate recently? I'm not. I haven't eaten anything of note recently. Well, actually, in drinking-a-lot-in-London week, I had a really awful all you can eat buffet from the Chinese outside Hammersmith tube station for £3.50. Just thinking about it is making me feel like my mouth is coated with MSG. I also had a not particularly special or inspiring chicken curry from Wasabi. But I must write because as much as I've made my peace with these finals taking away from me my joy and life and time, it will not take this blog. In other words, if I don't stay in the habit, this blog will rot just as it got all pretty. (As we all do.) So I will write about celebratory cocktails at House. Celebrating the fact that I am definitely living in London and definitely don't have to have a job next year, yeahhh. And also the fact that it seems that I know who I'll be living with and even possibly where I'll be living. All things to be pleased about. So I don't know that much about nice drinks but here are my two cents on the drinks at House. I went with the Spider and the Oak Tree. If you ask for an alias, you will be rewarded.
Bloody Bowl (bloody Mary): not very nicely presented, a bit lacking in savoury depth but had a nice spicy kick. Mmm, celery.
Moscow Mule: reminiscent of this. I preferred our version. After Eight: oh God so good. So worth forgetting to present student card to get it half price. Like melted mint chocolate chip ice cream. It was green but Hipstamatic killed it. That's all for now, folks.

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