Sunday, 22 April 2012

Review - Aziz (again)

My degree is shot but I've taken to consoling myself by thinking 'hey, the £21000 of debt I've racked up is so worth it because I made some GREAT FRIENDS'. Since I'm very good at alienating people, I can actually count the number of good friends I have left. Fifteen. That means each is valued at £1400. An undervaluation, if you ask me. Aren't I just precious? Unfortunately, as much as I'd like to lavish that much money upon each of them to celebrate their 'coming of age', my failure to find a wealthy spouse (no first or blue or husband, what a waste of my intellectual/athletic/sexual prowess. I hope you realise that I'm joking.) prevents this happening. So buying twenty first birthday presents becomes a case of towing the fine line between buying quality, special things but also trying to make it look like more than it is. Tricksy. Made all the more annoying when you have to try to sneakily find out chest sizes by asking peoples' brothers to look through their stuff in the hope that actually they'll end up being a size you know they're so you can order the shirt they'd suit the best. Sigh. Thankfully, Ralph Lauren is known for the classic uniformity amongst its Polo range (lol) so we still managed to get something. Unfortunately, the dithering that occurred in trying to find out chest sizes means that another element of the present sold out. And my (fucking awesome) suggestion for a replacement had extortionate delivery costs and we couldn't exactly say 'this might not look like much but we had it flown over from far away so it's actually more than it looks like'. So back to the drawing board we went once more. We got it together in the end and managed to present the Illusionist with an array of nice things that he'd like and probably wouldn't buy for himself. Oh, and I kind of inspired him to bet on a horse which won him £190. (I'm taking this slice of unjustified glory so I feel less annoyed about the fact that Shakalakaboomboom failed me at the final hurdle. Stupid horse.) Anyway, our delivery of his present was also a fortnight late. Not because we're useless (we are) but because we couldn't all be there to give it to him. So we thought we'd make a meal of it. But then we're all so busy and important that finding a time to suit us all failed. So we ended up going out for food. To Aziz. So I'm about to do what I've never done before - write about a place twice. See previous post about not wanting blog to die over finals.
Chicken spinach, lamb spinach, chicken dansak, something else chicken that I was too flaky to register, lamb and pumpkin, vegetables, tandoori mixed grill, garlic naan, misti (sweet) naan, chappati and rice. This was even better than last time. The mixed vegetables were less thrown together - the sweet potato and potato were beautifully yellow but still held together (when last time they'd been a bit killed both by boiling and too many flavours). The chicken thing that I don't know what it was was a bit overly spiced - too tomato-y. The spinach on the other hand was totally perfect. And this is what sets this place aside from all other indian restaurants. While it might still be peddling not-really-Bangladeshi food, in terms of flavour and consistency, frequently it is only non-Bangladeshi because you wouldn't have that combination. The spinach and lamb is not something that you'd find in the same dish in Bangladeshi cooking but the way it was cooked was bang on the money. And the pumpkin and lamb was the same. And this is the highest praise I can give to Aziz' food: the pumpkin and lamb was better than my parents' cooking.

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