Thursday, 19 April 2012

Review - Dosa Park

After a rather High Fidelity email exchange, I decided to make like another Nick Hornby novel and Be a Bit Better. So which of my sociopathic tendencies to start with? I'm not actually (that much) like that list but it has occasionally been remarked that I treat people a little bit too much like amenities/projects who don't have real thoughts or feelings and exist purely to amuse/entertain me. Not usually in a bad way but sometimes in a bad way. (Contrary once said my USP was callousness.) Usually, I get my little ideas in my head about places I want to go or eat and things I want to do and just recruit other people to go along with my little plans because it's nice to have people to play with or it's useful for someone else to be there and also perhaps because I asked you to do something for me and need to make it clear that I don't only spend time with you when I need something, really. But then there is the rare occasion when I do something because I want to see a person and it would be a nice thing to do with them rather than a nice thing to do (with them), if you understand. And that was what happened when I returned from Birmingham with my student loan (FINALLY) and went to Dosa Park. I had absolutely no interest in eating dosas since I'd already tried dosas from Trichy and had then eaten a Dosa Park dosa while waiting for a train to London. Also I brought all of the food back from the hometown since student loan doesn't quite bring me out of overdraft. But I considered that perhaps making plans with someone to do something probably makes them think you want to do that thing with them rather than just do that thing and so you should probably reschedule with them rather than just going ahead and doing that thing on your own/with other people. I'm sure the actual person affected here doesn't remember or care but it's not about that, right? Well done me. I'm inordinately proud.
Lamb stuffed dosa was as good as I'd remembered it: moreishly salty countered by little nuggets of tender lamb. The dosa itself was crisp and not overly rice-y (I don't like overly rice-y bread things). The vegetable curry was a bit swimming in grease but nicely seasoned and none of the vegetables were boiled to death. The chappatis weren't actually that good but I hadn't had them in ages so I was just thrilled by that.

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