Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Review - Saigon

Who eats at Pizza Express full price? I hate it so hard. But I get that it's frequently half price (because it's so shit and no one would go otherwise. Oh wait, that must be incorrect since their vouchers aren't valid on weekends indicating some people must want to go of their own accord then.) so it has some appeal. But I still hate it. What has triggered this rant? Nothing much, just someone suggested we should go there for dinner. A silly suggestion to make to me, a food blogger (I'm actually laughing as I type this), who doesn't usually live in London and therefore wants to make the absolute most of the glorious food here even if it means not eating for a few weeks afterwards. The point was made that you always know what to expect at Pizza Express. But that's so boring! But not that boring; why would I look up reviews of restaurants if the surprise factor didn't scare me? So off we trudged to 101 Thai Kitchen. Supposedly good. But as soon as we entered the really appetising smell of toilet hit our nostrils so we rescued our innocent friend who was sat there. waiting for us patiently, and ran away. We ended up in Saigon. This would be a far better post if I meant the place.
I had tried to go here previously but had just missed their lunch service. We got the chicken curry, caramel spicy pork, beef with lemongrass, fried rice and noodles. I'd link you to the menu as my short descriptions make the offerings sound boring when they weren't. All this and a bottle of house red came to £12.50 each. So how was this food that I hadn't done any recon on? Pretty good actually. The spicy pork and the chicken had the best sauces and very well cooked meat. Unfortunately, the potatoes within the chicken curry needed more salt. Classic me remark. The sauce on the pork was very nice but unless diluted with lots of rice felt almost toxically heady with wine. The noodles were unfortunately an inadequate antidote for the pork since they too had some of the dizzy saltiness that I was trying to dilute. As much as I have complained, the food was very good, the menu original and the service fast. I'm keen to return to try some more of everything.

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