Thursday, 17 May 2012

Review - Georgina's

It's horrific. So I decided to make my last few hours extra special. I planned to go for a nice pub lunch at the Head of the River just before leaving. Except then I ended up being naughtier than expected in the few hours before the last few hours which led to me getting up much later than anticipated with little to no appetite. Also I was snappy and in my usual serotonin low mean and sad state so I wasn't quite the sweet tempered village girl befitting of the idyllic backdrop. So really it was a blessing in disguise that papa called to say he was an hour early leading to lunch relocation to the much less ceremonious Georgina's. The Head of the River is to be a glorious birthday treat. That's another problem with my exam attitude: as well as making way too big a deal about the minor sacrifices I've had to make before they start, I'm expending far more energy on planning stuff for after they're over than I am on the main event. I'm even having post exam dreams instead of the more appropriate panicked 'oh no I've run out of time and they've asked questions about Bagshaw's sock choices instead of torts and also all my teeth have fallen out oh no' nightmares. I've lost a lot of focus with the point of this blog post. I blame the biphasic sleep cycle. Georgina's.
The best bacon sandwich I've had was one provided by a law firm at training for its trainees which I was sitting on on during work experience. The second best bacon sandwich I've had is one I got from round the corner of law firm A's biggest rival while waiting to interview there for work experience. The third best sandwich I've had is the one my companion ordered at Georgina's. I ordered the tuna ciabatta. I thought I wanted something fresh a d vegetably but they'd run out of their salads (at only 2, poor form) so I went for the first thing I saw which happened to be the tuna thing. When our food came, I immediately had such food envy that I asked that we share our sandwiches despite being able to hear a voice screeching 'the ball and chain' in my head. It was so worth it. Gloriously crisp yet still just coated with the remnants of fat. Plentiful but in handy strips so gorging it was easy. Nice cold balsamic salad alongside. I don't know how I feel about the tuna since it was so underwhelming in comparison. I think they should have either used less mustard in the sandwich or not dressed the side salad with mustard, it was a bit much.

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