Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Review - Chez Gaston

My family and I aren't very good at affection. Our traditional mode of showing affection for one another is being mean but in a friendly way. Examples: 'You're not as clever as your sister', 'That lipstick really brings out your menopausal moustache', 'I don't understand why your friends like you'. Both a demonstration and product of stellar parenting. Anyway, this has two consequences. Firstly, it means when we're actually mean, we're really, really 'the line is a dot to you' horrible. Secondly, it means that sometimes in groups of people, I'm 'cold' and 'dismissive' and 'indifferent to the point of non-acknowledgment'. I'm improving (or trying to) though. Yesterday we even went out in public. Mental. Luna Caprese was closed so we went elsewhere on North Parade Avenue. After some dithering (Rose and Crown? Gardeners' Arms?), we settled on Chez Gaston. We shared a Gaston Mama crepe, four seasons pizza and seafood spaghetti. In the lady and tramp way. (Not really.) Please ignore my leg, I've recently become incapable of not sitting cross-legged.
Pizza had too much cheese and poorly distributed toppings. The mushrooms were perfectly cooked though. It's hard to say what I liked best of the crepe and the pasta. I tried a bit of everything for the purpose of saving the best til last but I just couldn't choose between these two. The sauce for the pasta was gloriously rich with just cooked seafood. And the pasta felt fresh and homemade. The crepe had markedly different flavours - tarragon and cream and chicken - but they were just as well balanced. Simple and moreish with a nice honey mustard dressing cutting through the crisp side salad. It's nice sharing meals with non-vegetarians who sort of let you order collectively.

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