Friday, 4 May 2012

Review - Oxford Thai Restaurant

Clearly, I have mine all wrong. Here's a list of things I ought not to have done just before my finals:
Worked for two weeks at a company in an industry I might not want to work in anymore;
Started smoking everything all the time;
Started smoking everything in my room all the time;
Acquired a pal who a) lives on my corridor, b) never has anything to do and c) tires of my company less quickly than other pals;
Lied about skipping class because of wisdom teeth pain resulting in karmic growth;
Trained for a catering company six months in advance of when I'll be able to work;
Tried to buy a house;
Planned my birthday jaunt to the very last detail over two months in advance;
Started buying things as though I have limitless funds;
Planned a trip to Cuba for which I have not-enough money;
Ceased to work in the mornings when I'd definitely be most productive;
Become active on Twitter again;
Got two piercings which still haven't healed;
Spent an evening eating this meal and drinking wine despite having done no work for the previous two days because I gallivanted on May Eve. Ergh.
Mixed starters which included vegetable tempura, steamed dumplings, chicken wings and chicken satay. The tempura batter was a bit too heavy for the vegetables to carry. The mushroom was a disaster and the baby corn was just sweet enough to carry it. The only filling strong enough to carry it was the salty, addictive cabbage ball. That was good. The steamed dumpling was glorious. Soft and perfectly seasoned with that meatiness that makes you keep wanting to lick your lips. Seriously good. The chicken satay was tender and flavoursome but the shredded carrot and lettuce below was a bit swimming in the satay sauce. It would have been nicer for those to provide a fresh interlude from the rest of the heavy flavours. Chicken wings were out of place and reminded me of some crap I used to eat from Iceland. I do love junk food from Iceland but I don't want to be reminded that I eat it, ever. Beef massamam was fatty (in a good way) with the meat falling apart in your mouth, not at all stringy. The potato had soaked up all the flavour of the sauce in that way I love. Unfortunately, the sauce itself was a little too coarse. It was good but a bit unbalanced and overly tangy. The whisky noodles with chicken, basil and chilli had the punchiness of the beef but without being unbalanced. Or maybe it was the little pockets of respite provided by the juicy green beans and fresh bursts of chilli. Who knows. Anyway, that dish was amazing. Oxford Thai is not particularly refined but instead of providing bog standard MSG heavy crap, it provides home cooking style dishes. Lovely.

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