Monday, 21 May 2012

Repeats - Duck Legs

I have no time to look up nice recipes, read blogs, find new music, get old music, read fiction or watch TV. Bad because I really like doing all of those things and am resentful towards these stupid exams for stopping me doing them. (I'm also resentful because they've made my skin deteriorate. As someone's who's never had bad skin despite eating and drinking and smoking lots of unhealthy things, this is the worst thing about them.) But good because that means I'm cooking old recipes again meaning that they usually improve. Most recently, I cooked ragu. Much more successful this time and totally worth carrying around a half empty bottle of wine in my bag of clean laundry to stop mama finding it and irrationally objecting despite the fact she doesn't object when I use chinese cooking wine even though that's MORE alcoholic. Whatever. Anyway, unfortunately, I didn't photograph it. But that's OK because it's basically this recipe except done with a little more care. Or, if you prefer, the ragu part of this recipe but with beef shin instead of mince. Or, this. And this. You get the idea. I've made lots of similar things before. I've only slow roasted duck legs once before though. It was really good (although the best part of the meal was the stuffing, not the duck) but I forgot to photograph it. So, here's the photograph. With mash and cabbage and caraway and red wine 'jus' (duck fat, red onion, garlic, capers) and none of the delicious stuffing this time. Bye.

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