Thursday, 24 May 2012


Last year I was set on doing Christmas in term time after eating fish fingers on Christmas day because my dad failed to go Christmas food shopping until Christmas eve. (Four times in a sentence, gosh.) As with so many of my ideas, it didn't happen. Sigh. But it kind of happened last night. Well, the food did. That's because I had leftover mash from the duck because when I went to the market, the vegetable boy who always compliments my appearance but is also like sixteen dropped a potato and so I said 'I'll have that one too thanks'. Silly me. Anyway, leftover mash and thinking about how good the stuffing was and also STILL having leftover thyme meant that I decided to cook a Christmas dinner in late May. Well, all the trimmings of Christmas dinner without the silly turkey. (I love turkey but it would've been excessive.) So, stuffing, honeyed parsnips, pigs in blankets, mash and roasted sprouts. Except that as usual, the oven was ridiculous, I got really hungry when dinner was almost an hour late so ended up pouring all the sprouts and parsnips and honey-oil in the pan which was going to make the gravy and let them soften there. That also meant that all the gravy condiments (garlic, remaining thyme and bay) were poured into the salvage operation. Leaving the wine for drinking. Which led to stressful altercation followed by ridiculously early bedtime. Exams beyond salvage (unlike the parsnips). The lump of mash on top sort of ruins this otherwise OK picture. Sigh.

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