Sunday, 24 June 2012

Review - My Sichuan

The thing with Sichuan food is that it really tests my food blogger mettle. I really want to try tripe and pickled eggs and all that jazz but my limited funds and unadventurous companions preclude it. I had heard a lot about this place before I went here. While I concede that the food writers at the Guardian have probably eaten more both at My Sichuan and other restaurants than I have and probably written about it beautifully, I'll go ahead and stick to my differing opinion. I just didn't think it was that great. I was not enthused. It was fine but no more than fine. And I can find some holes. Chengdu noodles went crazy with the sesame oil and soy. And I love both of those things. Yang chow fried rice was a little bland but reasonable. House specialty chicken and vegetables went too far with the metallic Sichuan pepper and aniseed. The textures were all just right apart from the chicken which was sometimes a bit gristly. And that's coming from a girl who loves gristle. The beef was almost perfect but a little too soy heavy. Was I tired? Was I not particularly hungry? Why didn't I get it? Perhaps it's my lack of adventure and the tripe was the really good stuff. I'll be returning to see since the place had a lot to recommend itself: beautiful setting, excellent service but perhaps a little overhyped. Oh wait, I don't live in/go to Oxford anymore. Oh well, I was given a Time Out guide to London eating for my birthday. Bigger and better things (I hope).

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