Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Review - Edamame sushi night

I'm not refined enough for sushi. My sushi experience is limited to nibbling at friend's vegetarian sushi from Tesco and going out for sushi one time. But that time was after a long, late lunch at Moro so I nibbled on a couple of tempura and tried a piece of tuna sashimi. I wasn't blown away. It was nice enough but didn't inspire me to go for sushi again until now, a year later. After having sobered up from post-exam lunch, we decided to go to Edamame for sushi. They do sushi once a week and there is always a large queue. We got there quite early to avoid that queue but not early enough. There were ten people ahead of us but it only took twenty minutes to be seated and we spent the time waiting deciding what to eat. But when we got inside, it all changed.
We wanted two of the specials, you see. They were makizushi (salmon avocado and cucumber) and spicy tuna gunkanzushi rolls. We also got a set of nigirizushi which had salmon, tuna, prawns, squid and octopus. I'm not well placed to comment on whether the sushi was good. I thought it was tasty and found everything to be various degrees of enjoyable. (The salmon was my favourite.) But then I have limited experience of these things. The seaweed and cucumber salad which was dressed in sweetened vinegar I feel better placed to comment upon. So wonderful. Perfect contrast of sweet and sharp with the cucumber acting as the perfect, clean vessel for the flavours. Really very good. I kept dipping my sushi in the dressing which demonstrates both the fact that I'm a sushi heathen and the fact that the salad was amazing. Basically, I think Edamame is good for sushi but I am not suitably qualified to say.

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