Saturday, 9 June 2012

Review - The Rusty Bicycle

I finished everything. Ever. All the time. Well done me. As is traditional at this silly university, I was covered in things after I came out of my final exam. These things included fake blood, flour and eggs. This turned into cake mixture when I got in the shower (fully clothed) which I then had to spend a long time brushing out of my hair. I had wanted to sit on a boat eating sausages off a disposable BBQ but in a strange turn of events, the weather didn't reflect my mood and it was all rainy. Most odd. So we decided to go to the pub! We had initially planned to go to the Victoria Arms but after some confusion about which Victoria we meant we decided to change tack altogether. As we walked up Cowley Road in the rain, I considered how on another day, indecision and rain might turn a nice lunch into hunger and irritation and not-fun. But then I remembered that I'd finished my degree and never had to study law again and this worry faded. Then I saw that the Venue Formerly Known As The Regal had turned from a scummy club where people dance to drum and bass to a Christian centre and thought about how much had changed. Not really, I was actually thinking about nothing. Blissful. Also not that much has changed. Anyway, we eventually arrived at The Rusty Bicycle.
It's a really lovely pub with nice wallpaper and a rusty bicycle as a sign. A nice touch. The menus were printed on wooden boards. Our food also came on wooden boards. Very 'rustic' but I imagine probably a pain to carry. I had been craving a burger but then I saw pulled pork and coleslaw on the menu and I was confused. So I ended up ordering macaroni cheese. Others went for lamb burgers and mixed meze and wraps. It all came very nicely presented on the little boards. The macaroni cheese came in a little pot with a little bowl of salad next to it. The salad was fresh and simple - rocket and red onion mostly. Not too acidic or overly dressed which is exactly what I want from a salad accompanying macaroni cheese. The macaroni cheese was quite good and had a lovely yellow creamy texture to the sauce. And little mushrooms. The pasta was similarly a great texture. Ibut the flavour lacked a little something. Possibly some more cheese (although there was a lot of cheese) or perhaps a little pepper. Anyway, it was quite good but just a little off perfect. I also had the opportunity to have half a lamb burger but turned it down after two bites. Which is surprising because the bread looked good and it had been carefully dressed. But the actual lamb itself tasted a little lacklustre. But maybe I just found the mac and cheese more enjoyable and didn't want to relinquish my claim to it. I took my half of the chips though. I'm not sorry - they were perfect. And I'll only ever finish my degree once.


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