Friday, 15 June 2012

Review - The Vaults

Having absolutely no obligations has been glorious. It is lovely waking up and checking the time purely to see if it's the time you want to get up, not because you have to get up for anything. One negative about it is the fact that it has highlighted that all I do is consume. I have attempted to do more relaxed and cultured things like going to all the museums I've wanted to visit in Oxford. Unfortunately, my feet hurt so much from dancing (read: jumping up and down like a maniac) in the highest shoes I own at my birthday party that I had to go home after walking around a mere two rooms. In my defence, it was partly the result of a wholesome activity too; we walked the very long way to the Ashmolean through the pseudo-countryside. Generally, all I have been doing is eating and drinking (and dancing sometimes too) and sleeping. That's why blog quality has deteriorated recently. Possibly the most hedonistic day was the day of the aforementioned birthday party. I woke up feeling relatively healthy to a phone call from my mother saying she'd be here in twenty minutes. My room was, as it has been every morning for the past week, a state, so the tidy up and shower took up that time. Then we went for lunch, bought lots and lots of cake ingredients, baked for four hours and drank. And danced. And ate again. And slept. You get the idea. Oh well, it's been a week and I finished a degree. There's plenty of time left for thoughtful activities. And lunch was sort of wholesome anyway. The Vaults is a cute little cafe underneath the church opposite the rad cam. It's very popular amongst students but I've only been twice. The first time I had some sort of chicken dish which spilled despite no external force attacking it (except that it might have been my cape). It was disastrous. I was very miserable watching my friends eat their meals and bitter while I thought they weren't going to replace my meal. But they were just busy, eventually they came and gave me another portion with some bread. This time I went with my parents and ordered tuna nicoise, carrot soup and carrot cake. I only remembered to photograph the tuna though and that made my parents think I'm odd since they have no idea about the existence of this blog. Or maybe they do, I always get struck with terror when I see hits from Bangladesh.
The soup was a touch too sweet (or perhaps not salty enough) but that wasn't too much of an issue when you dipped the bouncy bread that came with it into it. The tuna was a mish mash of flavours, almost in the same way as when you make a one pot dish to use up leftovers. I don't mean that as an insult, though. It had a simple homeliness about it which suited the laid back atmosphere and canteen style trays. And all the vegetables tasted fresh, the parsley was especially zingy. The real treat were the salads, one simple leafy thing and another coleslaw of shredded cabbage. Again, incredibly fresh and wholesome tasting. It might not be the most refined place in the world but it's not supposed to be and the food is reasonably priced. Strong portions too! My only real criticism is that their chai latte is a bit weak and overly reliant on the teabag. But that's no big deal, they serve lots of none chai drinks.

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