Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Review - Pie Minister

Whatever I might have said in the previous post, some days, you just can't even cook. Some days, you crave pie and mash and gravy. But your lunch companion wants something healthier. But then it turns out that you're lucky enough to live in a place where both of these options are a five minute walk away in this thing called 'The Covered Market'. Which is very near to a green expanse which goes by the name of Christchurch Meadow where you can sit in the blustery wind and talk about how wonderfully awful Game of Thrones is. I will miss Oxford. On a less sentimental note, Pie Minister disappointed me.

I'm still generally pro-Pie but I think perhaps this time, I wanted it too badly. And then I got what I wanted and it just wasn't as good as expected. I HATE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS. I had the mini chicken pie with ham, peas and cheese with mash and gravy and minted mushy peas. It's just that the pie was a little overpowered by what I think was tarragon and the mushy peas were a little too minty. A little heavy handed with the herbs. That's a nice phrase. Still, I polished it all off and didn't feel hard done by. The mash was creamy, the gravy was wonderfully rich and it all went really nicely with the cheesy creamy chickeny filling. Almost there but not quite.

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