Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Review - Kalamata

I mentioned Santorini in one of my very first blog posts in a very attention (and reader) seeking manner. But actually hadn't been there all year until the very very last week of the last term. How things change, eh? Like how I've now made the moral indiscrepancy which I'd previously condemned and swore never to do. Lesson learnt! Either don't do bad things or show some compassion when bad things are done to you. Anyway, sticking to the theme of change, I thought it'd be nice to compare how I feel about Santorini now that it's called Kalamata and how I write about food have progressed. Some challenges face the (intrepid) food blogger. Firstly, describing food. It's challenging. Things were either nice or they weren't but that's hardly illuminating. But even the most valiant descriptive efforts frequently fall flat. Things are sweet or they're salty or they're spicy or they're bland. This becomes even harder when it seems that the mezze ordered have all been cooked in ostensibly the same sauce.
A nice sauce but it's still all a bit samey. (And suspiciously cold.) the prawn saganaki didn't have the childhood memory inspiring quality that it did before and was a significantly less terracotta and more red colour. The meatballs tasted the same as always in their tender, meaty goodness (I think) and the sausages tasted better. We also ordered a new addition to the menu, lamb slow cooked in spices. While the meats were thoroughly enjoyable, I couldn't ignore the fact that they were all the same 'blend of herbs and spices' as described on the menu. And that combination was good but not astounding. I remember it being astounding. It just smacked a little of a lack of effort. As if they'd lost their previous vigour and forced by practicalities to devote less time than they'd like to. Much like this blog! See how I tied that in neatly there? Still got it (sometimes). For the rest, the chicken phyllo pie was too cheesy, not as mild and delicately flavoured as I remembered it being. The kleftiko sauce was a little worse than the first beautiful tasting but better than the second time I'd had it. Still worth a visit but now it seems a little overpriced.

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