Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Review - The Essex Rose

'Actually North Essex is really nice.' This is what my friend who lives in Essex but pretends he lives in Suffolk said. No one denied that Essex wasn't nice. I was just commenting on how peaceful and quaint Dedham was. All pastel walls and a tab at the butchers'. It's only TOWIE that gives that impression. Side note: did vajazzles ever catch on? They should've done. The Essex Rose is firmly on the village side of Essex life rather than the fake tanned clubby side. It's full of cosy old couples and yummy mummies who appear to be treating their babies to ham. The menu is befitting of the clientele and location; cream teas and choice sandwiches. Some jacket potatoes too! That's what I initially ordered but they'd run out. So I went for the coronation turkey. At almost £6, I must say I didn't think I'd think it was worth it. But the little cafe surprised me! Cut into four soft triangles, the sandwiches had minimal crust. The filling was creamy and sweet but unlike other coronations I'd tasted, the meat had a salty flavour cutting through the cream. I admit that I haven't tasted many coronation chickens in my life but this was certainly the best despite being turkey. The nicest touch was the crisps and salad sitting beside the white vertices. The leaves were bitter and assembled amongst some sweet cherry tomatoes with a smattering of posh tasting lightly seasoned crisps. The fanciest sandwich lunch I've ever enjoyed. It's notable that I say enjoyed since I rarely enjoy overly bready sandwich lunches. I LOVE RICE. So, thoroughly pleased with the food. The whole thing had an extra positive shimmer added to it by the fact that I bought a nice gooseberry chutney to take home to my mother. It was a bribe to ensure she wouldn't still be silent-treatmenting me since I was bringing a guest home and that would be awkward. More on that next time.

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