Sunday, 12 August 2012

I return

It's not that I haven't eaten in two weeks, it's that I've been in Bangladesh. The food there was great (and thank God for that because nothing else was) but one of the restrictions of my quasi house arrest was that I be denied any opportunity to eat out. Not because I'll get food poisoning (which I concede that I probably would) but because I'll get hepatitis, apparently. There's something special that differentiates me from all the other Western tourists who visit which makes me particularly susceptible to the 'evils' of Bangladesh, you see. I suspect it's that as soon as I'm there, I'm treated for the most part like a Bengali girl (no freedom until marriage and even then not really because then it's a bit like that film Monster-in-Law except there's poor electricity, lots of hard work, no fun and probably a child within a year) except for where I might stand to do something vaguely interesting in which case the barriers of 'no, you don't live here, you wouldn't be able to handle it' step in. It's been a fun trip. My favourite bit was the complete lack of privacy from having to share a room with my whole family. Oh, and being required to sit there while people talked about me in third person as if I wasn't there or couldn't understand or something. I CAN UNDERSTAND, THE LANGUAGE IS ONE OF THE FEW THINGS I'VE CHOSEN TO MAINTAIN. But anyway, the food was good! But as I said, no eating out. I'd have posted some recipes but it'd be futile to ask for them since all cooks rely on 'andhajj' and so it'd be nigh on impossible to glean quantities or even a full list of ingredients. Or names. But hopefully you trust me that it's good!

I'm sure it doesn't surprise you that as soon as I touched down in England (after seeing some lovely low flying plane views of London on a clear, sunny day), I was filled with absolute glee. Unadulterated, almost in tears, insulting to my parents and home country GLEE. And I hummed along merrily while I used the Internet and wore what I wanted to wear and cooked (4 dishes in 30 minutes, not a food processor in sight. Fuck you, Jamie Oliver). Anyway, happy as I was (as a beaver), there was still the issue of the complete Haque overload I've had. So after a poor night's sleep, I ignored my bank balance and got a train to Edinburgh where there is (to my knowledge) no one in the slightest bit related to me. And there are people who I have things in common with. And plays and shows and exhibitions and a great bus service. And of course, lots of food. I will try to limit myself to only reviewing food though. This is about what I ate, not the theatre I've formed ill-informed opinions about, after all. And instead of doing one entry like I did last year, I'll post as and when I do something interesting with food instead of every ~3 days. I wonder if you'd noticed that's how frequently I post.

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