Sunday, 26 August 2012

Recipe - Gin and Tonic Jelly

My wanting loneliness was quickly dispelled after I realised that I didn't know when I'd see my host again. MAYBE NOT EVER. (That's definitely not true.) So the rest of the time was spent joint at the hip apart from a brief period where my normal-degree-daring friends went to the top of a crag whilst I sat in my slippery shoes and dusty coat writing this entry. Since I'd pretty much run out of money (and we'd argued about this fact), we stuck to doing simple, countryside things with nice views instead of going to plays. We also reverted to eating in again. I made a makeshift jambalaya which I'll talk about when I tell you about my less makeshift gumbo recipe. Somewhat noteworthy was the jelly I made for dessert on another night. Now, I have some advice that you should all note. If someone likes gin and you want them to like you (not in an annoying, Monica from friends, sycophantic way, just in the way it's good to be allied with countries with oil), you make gin and tonic jelly. Gin and tonic jelly which I'd previously failed to make with 'Incredibly Good Looking'. (Incidentally, he's now going out with a girl impressive enough to deserve that nickname.) It didn't set. He swore profusively at and about Nigella as a result. This one set though! I followed this recipe except used one lemon and one lime and 9 sheets of gelatine. Still needed a bit more though since 'set' is exaggerating a bit. Also since I couldn't find weighing scales or measuring jugs, I estimated the rest of the quantities. Consequently, I used a touch too much sugar and it was a bit headachingly sweet. But with properly measured quantities, this is a dream.

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