Thursday, 23 August 2012

Review - Henderson's

Seven continuous days with anyone is a long time. I don't recognise myself as someone who likes to be alone but when I go on holidays with people I realise I probably like being alone more than I recognise. So I was grateful that my companion hadn't showered in good enough time to make it to lunch. I was also grateful for the supposedly twenty minute bus journey taking longer and even for the queue at the box office snaking all the way down the High Street. Not that I was doing anything which my companion would have interfered or that he was being annoying. I just wanted a little time with just me and head-voice. Space to ruminate about the completely trivial stuff I tend to focus on. I was so enjoying my own company that I didn't even mind that my friend was late for lunch.
She'd chosen our lunching destination, Henderson's, on the recommendation of her grandmother.
It used to be the place to take your parents on visiting day and remains popular. It had a Vaults sort of quality to it with bowls of interesting salads. Even more Vaults-like than the Vaults, it was vegetarian. I was a little disappointed at not getting to try neeps and tatties yet again but not enough to order vegetarian haggis. Instead I was taken in by a croquette which reminded me of a slightly scary but mainly cute soft toy/animated creature that I don't remember the name of right now. To go with it, I got an olive oil (and also just olive) soaked green bean thing and shredded carrot. The croquette was nice enough but spoiled by the coriander. I feel as though healthy eateries frequently just add herbs to dishes because herbs are fresh and healthy and green. That they are but that doesn't mean they go with any dish. And coriander does not go with cheese. I can see what they were trying to do; the coriander cut through the creamy mellow cheese. But not necessarily in a pleasant way, it left a harsh, citrusy rawness to your throat. The salads were similarly adorned with herbs but that just added to the harsh, gingery roughness. I'm placing perhaps too much emphasis on that though, the salads were well constructed and interesting if somehow oddly samey. I'd definitely go here again, it's cheap (£6.35 for what I had), has a variety of choices and good service.

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