Sunday, 23 September 2012

Review - Bangkok House

Hey, I went to Oxford again. I'm still not That Guy though (I don't think). It's not term time yet so it's not like I'm just longing for my undergraduate days and being unable to let go. I worry that might happen though. Enrolling reminded me of how other universities are very different and how I'll just be one of thousands of anonymous students. There were no older years who knew you and your Facebook photos intimately well there greeting people. There were helpers who I assume are current students but they didn't know anything about me whatsoever. Quite refreshing really. Unfortunately, there was no difference in their manner. They were still full of overly, unnecessarily helpful but sort of useless vim. I hate vim. There was a lot of pep around too. And I overheard some of those awful 'I'm so desperate for friends I'm going to take the phone numbers of everyone I encounter' conversations. I can see why that's tempting since I'm going to be living in a house several miles away from halls with ex-Oxford people so when I think about it, it seems like there's really not much opportunity to meet new people at all. Especially since my course just means two days of lessons a week. But what's the point in worrying about that? Like possibly-gross-because-it's-cheap-for-a-really-fun-area house, I've made my bed and now I must lie in it without stressing. Anyway, it's time to tell you about the meal I had in the familiarity of the 'dreaming spires'. It was at Bangkok House on the way from the train station. It was particularly familiar since it had the same style going on as Chiang Mai and Shanghai 30s where the old English thing is combined with pretty oriental ornaments.
Unlike the other two, they have a thrifty little lunch menu with dishes starting from £5.50 on it. We ordered drunken stir fry noodles with beef and red prawn curry.
At those prices, I really wasn't expecting much. But actually, it was almost as good as Chiang Mai kitchen. The noodles were full of zingy fresh chillies and crunchy beans which cut through the slightly too drunken sauce. The beef had clearly been marinated and was appropriately succulent. The curry was a balanced blend of coconut creaminess and citrus sharpness. There was a nice hum of heat to the whole thing and, as with the beef, perfectly textured prawns and just cooked vegetables. It's a shame that I've vowed not to return to Oxford (much) in term time.

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