Saturday, 22 September 2012

Review - Cafe 1001

I've finally seen my house. Well, not quite. I've seen the environs of my house. That's lovely. I could be worried by the fact that we're paying relatively little to live in such an area and how that could indicate a gross inside. But since I'm contracted to live there for fourteen months, I'm going to not think about that. Anyway, it came to me in a dream that the insides are reasonably lovely. It's very close to Brick Lane so afterwards we went window shopping and stopped off for lunch. It made me very sad to have made the vow not to buy anymore clothes. Whenever I'm packing or unpacking I feel stressed and sickened by the mountains of cheap fabrics which surround me. I've therefore made a resolution to avoid buying any new clothes. It's true that anyone with as many clothes as me doesn't need any new clothes. But I still want them since most of my clothes are horrible and tacky and faded. Visiting Rockit and Urban Outfitters (cliched, I know) reminded me of this fact whilst at the same time screaming out YOU CAN'T AFFORD ANY OF THIS STUFF NOT EVEN WITH ALL THE MATCHED BETTING IN THE WORLD. I could afford the food though. £4.60 for a burger with cheese and bacon, wedges and salad. The vegetarian option (grilled stuffed mushrooms and aubergine) looked pretty great too and was only a pound or so more.
It was very good value for money. The patty of beef had a glorious taste half way between the fatty, horrid deliciousness of a fast food burger and the meaty goodness of an actually good burger. The plastic cheese added to the fast food element whilst the slightly sweet, crisp bacon shavings swung a little to the gourmet. The wedges and salads were all natural. Obviously handcut and roasted, you could see the herbs and salt granules sticking to the outside of the potato skins. The salads covered all the colour bases: red onion, olive green gherkins and red tomato. The wateriness of the cucumber and lettuce cut through the otherwise heavy flavours. I was very pleased with everything; this place is definitely not a tourist trap.

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