Thursday, 20 September 2012

Review - Chutney's

I think I will be an adult once I stop doing truly idiotic things. I know everyone regrets doing things and have a particularly high frequency of regrets between the ages of about twelve and twenty one (and probably past that too) but, as I'm sure everyone feels, I feel like mine are particularly soul crushing/embarrassing/moronic. Some of them still haunt me when they catch me unawares by popping into my head when I'm falling asleep or on a bus or something. Some of them make me feel so, so bad in my own skin that I have an audible repulsed reaction. It sounds a bit like 'ohh' mixed with 'mm'. If I make this noise in your presence, know that I am DYING INSIDE. It's because I have a particularly bad gauge for knowing how I'll feel about things at a more sensible/less drunk/less stupid time in the future. Usually this is in the form of telling everyone again and again that I'm totally happy with my choice and think it's definitely the right (not usually morally) thing to do. Usually, I am convinced of this myself too. This is what happened with my piercings. Remember those? They were stupid. I don't mind how they look but really, they're a bit unnecessary aren't they? I've gone through considerable pain for them. More annoyingly, I've spent a lot of time looking for the tiny earrings when they fall out (which they do a lot because I always play with them) because I'm determined not to let them heal. The earrings are really why we ended up at Chutney's at this lunchtime. I'd lost my earrings but this time irretrievably so buying some more went on my list of errands with fixing the glasses I broke in a fit of rage. (I threw them at a wall.) After a tour of most of Oxford city centre's restaurants we ultimately chose here because it was close to the piercing place and because it's £4.95 for the express lunch. That includes starter (samosa and pakora), main (lamb madras and bhuna) and rice, naan and salad.
We were pleased. Chutney's unfortunately has a reputation for being popular with young, louty (by Oxford standards) students who like shouting about their friends' quite boring sexual misdemeanours. I'd discovered it before being subject to this joyous experience and so knew that actually, if you eat there in a small group or get takeaway, the curry is the second only to Aziz in Oxford. They think about their flavourings and combinations. And make fantastic dosas. I'm partial to the lamb and pumpkin curry too. The madras and bhuna are to be found on the 'unabashedly Indian' section of the menu. Whilst not original in the sauces, the same level of care goes into their flavourings as with their better dishes. The right hum of spice is found in every dish and lunch was no different. Go here! Not in a big group though. In case anyone cares, I've lost the earrings I bought before lunch in the three days since I ate there. Sigh.

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