Sunday, 16 September 2012

Review - Indulge

Speaking of things we didn't get to do while studying at Oxford (I'm following on from the last post as if it's a conversation), a dessert parlour which looked like a sex shop opened while we were doing our crappy, crappy exams. We planned to go after they finished but actually there wasn't much time. Sad. Not anymore though! We've been there now! Because we don't go to a ridiculously high pressured university anymore! Yayyy. So anyway, the dessert parlour which looks like a sex shop. It's great. Really, really great. I'll admit, I'm not the biggest fan of dessert. While I might go mad for a tarte aux fruits, I'm not one to ever really want ice cream. Partly because I have sensitive teeth and partly because I don't think it's as amazing as everyone else seems to. When people said HEY LET'S GO TO G&Ds I thought 'Oh God again really must we' whilst pretending to be all 'yeah ok yayyy ice cream'. Indulge actually inspired that reaction. It's so cool. It looks like a 70s sex den with plus chairs and black and pink and high stools and mirrors on the ceiling (I think my imagination is running away with itself) and I love it there. The menu has about fifty different types of delicious dessert. I managed to whittle down my decision to apple pie and ice cream.
God, if was good. The pie was glossy and full of cinnamony apply warmth. The ice cream was really cold and really hurt my tooth but that's Sensodyne's problem, not Indulge's. It tasted good though. I'll admit that the outstanding taste was sugar but it's a dessert so that's fine. And afterwards I had a sugar rush. I was awake for so long! I watched lots of Office.

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