Saturday, 15 September 2012

Review - The Perch

Hey, being back in Oxford isn't weird. Maybe it would be if it was term time but I'm not planning on visiting too frequently then. Fear of being 'That Guy'. Anyway, it's very nice being in Oxford with no worries and no looming spectre of degree hanging over like the sword of Domocles or something. I have lived a life of leisure whilst here. No getting out of bed 'til 12. Followed by doing nothing much but watching all of the american Office ever. A key component of leisure is taking long, lazy lunches in far away places and that is what we did. The Perch is far away and has cows and grass on the way to it. It also has a lovely garden, nice ciders and great service. Although I heard conflicting reports about the service but our waitress was very obliging and told us about how this waiter was very bored so made all these cranes. Look!
But yeah, the service was good. And the food matched. We got through two ciders, calamari and chips, chicken liver parfait with gherkins and loads of bread and wine.

I'm bad at wine so all I can really tell you about it was that it was reasonably priced for wine that didn't have a horrid after taste. Everything else, which I'm slightly more qualified to comment on, was fantastic. Presented in a really lovely way with well thought out details. Like the gherkins that came with the pate to cut through its richness. God, the pate was so rich. In a good way! It was packed full of iron rich meaty flavour. Slathering it onto the pieces of bread was lots of fun. The calamari was equally well executed. Crisp batter encasing perfectly textured squid. And it came with a strong contender for the best tartare sauce I've ever had; sharp and citrusy without overpowering to contrast with the almost creamy velvetiness of the mushy peas. All of this came to about £50 with tip which is in the region of £50 more than I'd usually spend on lunch but it was worth it since it includes a countryside walk, a drink in a beautiful garden and good value, quality food served by nice people who make cranes.

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