Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Review - The Pie Maker, Ye Olde Inn

Although returning to Edinburgh has left me open to much mockery, it did present an opportunity to try proper, 'hearty' Scottish fare. On my list were haggis and pie. Last time I was here, I tried pie from the Auld Jock's Pie Shop. The pie was average and far too heavy but it was very cheap. My experience of The Pie Maker is very similar. I picked the wrong pie, I realised too late that they had haggis pie and its famous (apparently) bridie. I'd just chosen another scotch pie. Too salty and heavy but edible, just. If I'd been hungrier, I'd have enjoyed it more. But I wasn't. So I didn't finish it. I could've done but we were promised a meal out by Dave's uncle and it's rude not to finish your food when someone else is paying. Nevertheless, I still didn't manage to finish it. Haggis, neeps and tatties. Presented 'classily' in a stack.
Despite being presented in a stack, it was still much too much food. It might have been manageable had there been something other than carbs. I know haggis isn't carb but it has various carby stuff added to it. It also might've been manageable if I found it more enjoyable. I have been known to eat until I can't walk if I like the taste of the food. This haggis was very, very peppery. Much too peppery. I don't know if that means I just don't like haggis or that this was bad haggis. The haggis I'd tried at the food fair was much less peppery (and much more pleasant) though. There was also a texture issue. Haggis is crumbly but also kind of soft and that didn't sit well with the pulped mashed potatoes and turnips. Perhaps the creaminess of the root vegetables and the whiskey sauce was supposed to cut through the pepper? It didn't succeed which meant you were just left with lots of stodge to try to work your way through. Food should not be a chore.

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