Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Review - Pitt Cue Co

Hey, I've finally eaten at Pitt Cue Co. After trying and failing for two years to see what the deep fried, pulled Southern hype was about, I finally got to try some. I tried going there as recently as earlier this summer but it was all out of boxes. So instead we had strange sausages from a place further down the South Bank and drank so much (actually, it really wasn't that much) that I spent the next day throwing up all day. TASTY. That day was part of what switched me onto going to bed notoriously early. I'm pleased to announce I've rediscovered my love of pursuing stupid courses of action and, consequently, staying out late. However, there are now conditions on it. Only if there is no one to facilitate retiring (i.e. no one to bring me young water/hot chocolate/hot Bovril (I've never actually had that)) and the drinks don't cost (at least) £4 and any venture outside is walking distance/free taxi away. Anyway, hopefully this means I won't not-make new friends because I prefer watching MasterChef and bed to alcohol and conversation. Anyway, I digress. But that's good, right? Maybe blog will rediscover its spark and the half audience it lost while I went to bed at ten. Blogging about the place which everyone else talked about two years ago seems a great place to start my 'general reviews of things I do in London' blog. I had the much-raved about pulled pork with soda bread, slaw, beans and pickles.
I WAS UNDERWHELMED. I'm sorry to disagree with far more widely read blogs than mine. Wait, am I sorry? I'm surprised and a bit tentative because these people clear eat out and cook much more than I do. But I don't think I'm sorry. Anyway, everything was a bit lukewarm. And by 'everything' I mean my reaction and also the food. It was in no way, shape or form unpleasant to eat. It just didn't blow my mind. It was very, very forgettable. I'll start with the good things. The slaw was fresh and crunchy and had a slight zing to it. The pickles were nicely stewed so they had a little acidity but not too much. The beans were fun to look at (lots of different types in there) and mellow. The soda bread was GREAT especially after it had been soaked in the juices of everything else. The pulled pork is what I was mainly underwhelmed by. But it had a great underwhelming capacity since most of the box was pulled pork. Usually, I'd applaud this non-stinginess. But unfortunately, that just meant there was masses of it to get through and I found that a bit of an effort by the end. I liked the flavours well enough, I could taste the smokiness and the sweetness but it was all a bit lacklustre. It wasn't 'OMG WHAT IS THIS IS THIS AMAZING I WANT THE RECIPE' it was more 'oh this is pretty good for £7.50 on the South Bank'. I think if everyone had said it was a pretty decent deal and definitely in the upper quartile of food in London, I'd accept. But it's that everyone was all WOW and I was not wowed. I'd still go there again, mostly to try the curiously gloriously unhealthy sounding Trailer Trash burger. 

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