Saturday, 27 October 2012

Cooking with Boursin

I'm becoming quite the fan of no-cook pasta sauces. I've diverged from my usual tuna pesto affair to discover the miracle of Boursin. The first time I used Boursin was when I made spaghetti bolognese. This was back when I was seventeen and still spoke to the people I went to school with. Back then, I thought it was legitimate to make spaghetti bolognese with coriander and other insane ingredients. I remember having an argument with someone in my first year of university when I insisted he was just being pedantic about his pasta. YOU WERE RIGHT, JOE. Anyway, Boursin was one of the less insane ingredients to go into the non-bolognese. Since then, lots has changed. Boursin-introducer is regretfully long gone from my less than elegant (not like Emily Thorne from Revenge) 'you're all dead to me' episode. And now I don't have long Wednesday afternoons skipping gym to cook. Now, cooking is confined to Monday and Thursday evening and eating usually happens from Tupperware. For the times that I'm not organised enough to plan what I'll eat and too poor to afford a meal out? I cook up a no-cook pasta delight. This is where the garlicky creamy cheesy Boursin comes in.

Ham and pea pasta
4 portions pasta
Two heaped tablespoons Boursin
50g cheddar cheese
50g frozen peas
6 slices ham, chopped

Cook the pasta as per cooking instructions.
Add the peas three minutes to the end of cooking time.
Drain but leave a cup of the pasta cooking water.
Stir in the Boursin, cheese and ham.

Boursin isn't only good for the base of a no cook sauce. I've used it for various things I've cooked this week. I added it to the filling of this cheese pie and mashed a little with some broccoli and new potatoes to go with this beef goulash. It's almost like sour cream, after all.

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