Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Review - Ginger Pig Cafe

In stark contrast with the meal of the night before, Ginger Pig does massive portions of rich, stick American breakfast. After getting out of bed at 1, we decided an appropriately lazy Sunday would be to take a leisurely stroll to The Breakfast Club followed by a trip to the Geffrye museum. We got to The Breakfast Club in Hoxton at 2 because we were waylaid by the wonders of Columbia Road Flower Market. We were met with a really long queue which our exponentially increasing appetites were not willing to stand. So we walked along the eerily deserted Hoxton Street in search of somewhere delicious to brunch or even lunch. Ginger Pig glimmered as a beacon of breakfasts amongst the scores of closed salons and fried chicken shops.
The menu had that same 'OH GOD I WANT EVERYTHING I WISH I WAS RICH AND ALSO MORE HUNGRY' effect that had made us choose the Breakfast Club. And there was BREAKFAST BOOZE. Bloody Mary's and Buck's Fizz and prosecco galore. I feel like brunch is the most indulgent meal and it should go all out instead of pretending. Ginger Pig appears to agree with me, particularly in its assessment of portion size. We, the hungries, couldn't manage to finish our meals. Whereas we'd previously been commenting on how wasteful people were being, we became the wasters. There was just too much to finish. Particularly in the lumberjack breakfast which I'd ordered- Scottish pancakes, maple syrup, bacon, sausage, ham eggs and chips. My companion suggested that I attack it as two meals, first the savoury then the sweet. I preferred to go for everything at once. Distinctly, everything was just right and together it still worked. Truly exceptional. Perfectly creamy scrambled eggs, sweetened salty pork, garlic sausage, oh I am so regretting not forcing through the stomach ache to finish it. I had no problems finishing my spicy Bloody Mary though, a peppery, perfect contrast to the sweetness of the syrup. My companion's superstacked Mexican themed burger was equally well considered and massive. Simple, excellently matched flavour combinations, all done well. And bottled Coke! All this for £21 and I could easily have managed with that as my only meal of the day.

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