Friday, 26 October 2012

Review - La Porchetta

Last week, when I met my dad for lunch, I looked up good places to eat in the WC2 area. I read good things about La Porchetta but my dad's tired, haggard, flu ridden state didn't seem like it could manage the walk. Instead we ended up at the terrible Antalya. It was horrid and overly salty and the staff were rude to my poor old dad. Thankfully, I was feeling pretty crap must so barely ate anything. I recounted this story to the lovely patron of La Porchetta and said I would've been saddened if I'd not managed to finish my meal here.
And that I was when I failed to finish my mammoth portion. I tried and tried and kept going back to it to nibble but to no avail. A fifth of my delicious food was sadly thrown away. The linguine was light and clearly fresh, slippery and still a little al dente. The purply black cuttlefish ink somehow still managed to look appetising. The seafood was hot and steaming and spicy with pepper. My companion's gnocchi was light yet heavy with cheese. Everything was simple but done incredibly well. And we got a free shot of limoncello to wash it all down. It reminded me that when done well, pasta is in no way a convenience food.

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