Thursday, 18 October 2012

Review - The Larder

Meeting my parents has taken a subtly different tone. Maybe it's because I'm confined to a flat and not a room or because I'm less financially dependent on them or maybe I've just grown up. (I struggled to complete that group of three.) When we meet now, I definitely feel slightly more like their grown up daughter meeting them in the same way you'd meet a friend. Well, not quite. We still struggle to talk about much but food and other domestic matters. I met papa twice this week since he's been in London for various courses. The first time I met him on my lunch break and we went to a god awful Turkish restaurant in Holborn. He looked tired and old and it was sad. He looked much perkier on the weekend when he came to drop a Hoover off. (OK, maybe I do still regress around my parents.) While I vacuumed, he sat and had a cup of tea and commented on how I need to do some exercise. Then afterwards, we went for our traditional 'let's feed you up' meal. Except this time, I paid. We went to the gentrified vegetarian cafe round the corner, The Larder.
It was expensive and disappointing. Everything looked wonderfully colourful but nothing tasted quite right. The vegetarian strudel was an array of oranges and greens with goats cheese and pine nuts but it lacked seasoning and flavour. The squash provided a nice sweet antidote to the blandness of the rest of the filling. The pastry was a great consistency though. The tarte tatin was exactly that: tart. So tart. As if it'd never seen a spoonful of sugar in its oveny life. Really not very pleasant. Even the creaminess of the white in the flat white didn't quite cut through it. £13 poorly spent.

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