Sunday, 11 November 2012

Review - Hiba

Another free meal with daddy. I initially thought I was going to be eating with an old family friend but we didn't want to put her out. Her husband is recently deceased and it makes me sad to see her all lonely in her lovely little flat which she struggles to manage since she has all those ailments that make it hard to get by on your own when you're a little older. I will stop talking about this now partly because it's irrelevant and partly because it's making me feel so sad for her. Anyway, to dinner. A little Lebanese fast food place opposite Holborn station. A grilled lamb wrap, a sweet potato wrap, two portions of fries and two Cokes for £13. Very cheap.
Also very tasty. The bread is of a high standard, the lamb was JUST right. Tenderised by yoghurt with that charred smokiness on the outside but softness within. The sweet potatoes were covered in an interesting coriander/garlic marinade. The salads and sauces common to both wraps were what really made it worth it. Slightly spicy creamy sauce speckled with hints of juice from the red pepper and tomatoes and acid tones from the fine slivers of onion and gherkin and nicely tied together by crisp lettuce. I use the word crisp to describe food too much. The chips were well done too and were particularly improved by the exciting spicy dip they came with. Much better than ketchup (although they gave you that as an option too). This place is one of those rare finds of cheap street food which is neither too scummy nor too gentrified.

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