Thursday, 15 November 2012

Review - Jerk City

The plan was (as the plan always is) to meet and go to Leong's Legends. But we both felt a little worse for wear and a rare affair occurred; my partner did not want food of the Far East. So, partly to dispel rumours that I always get my own way and partly because I just didn't care, we decided to look for somewhere more bland on the palate. Perhaps we're fated never to visit Leong's Legends. Perhaps I'll never try dim sum and die a lonely, dim sum barren virgin. Actually, we didn't end up going bland on the palate. It was comfort food but in a different way. The Cayman Islands are in the Caribbean, not actually near Jersey or Guernsey as I initially thought. So the food obviously has lots of Caribbean influences. In out in out jerk it all about, you know. I'm hip and happening so I knew just the place. Jerk City! Its unassuming door makes it look a bit scabby but I love finding hidden gems. Like in Bridesmaids when they all get food poisoning and she craps on the street. Except without the crapping. This is not appetising chat. I'll start a new paragraph so you don't associate that scene with Jerk City.
I ordered the mutton roti and Friend ordered jerk chicken. He was sad that they didn't have jerk pork, that's his absolute favourite. But jerk chicken is almost as good. We also ordered fried plantain and coleslaw. And rum punch! My pineapple punch was far superior to the fruit punch, it was all creamy and milky but also a little tangy. Dreamy. Plantain was simple but crisp and sweet. Coleslaw could've done with being a touch sharper but was still very pleasant. The mutton filling inside the roti was so delicately spiced and warm that I actually said 'oh my god this is amazing'. (That's not something I usually say.) But it really was! Umami in that way only slow cooked meat could be. The roti itself was ever so slightly too salty for me but had a wonderful texture. I think in this case I ordered wrongly unfortunately. Not because the mutton wasn't excellent but because the jerk was better. Initially I just tried some flesh. I enjoyed it, lightly infused with allspice and smoke. I commented that it wasn't spicy enough for me. Then I tried a bit of the skin and was hit with almost tough fearsome flavour. Perfectly balanced! I could make out all the different flavours but they sang as one.

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