Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Review - The Lemon Tree

I have recently been hanging out with a new old friend. That is, a friend I met long ago who I have been seen more in the past three weeks than I have in the six years before that that we've known each other. I suppose we're having a frennaisance. (I love Friends.) On the most recent of these meetings, we went to our first ever opera. Well, our first opera together but also my first opera at all and possibly his first opera. I'm unsure. Anyway, before we went to the opera we thought we'd get some very cheap dinner with our no money. Instead of walking towards a polished Soho marketing success (delicious but still cheap), we walked to the ever more expensive Covent Garden. Miiiistaaaaaaake. (I've decided this is an American sitcom references entry.) Still, I had the grand idea that we should go to a pub. And Simple had the grand idea that we just wander into somewhere. And I said 'hey that's a great idea, I've reviewed too many places favourably recently and that's because everywhere I go comes highly recommended'. So that's how we found The Lemon Tree. We picked it because it was cheaper than its contemporaries. I was also enthused by the Thai pub food thing. I've been trying to go to a pub which does Thai food for about six months since I first learnt of their existence. And now I've been to one. I ordered pad thai with pork.
The first issue was that the scampi came well before the noodles. Simple tried valiantly to keep his hands off his dinner but I assented to him eating before it went cold. No one wants cold chips. But he almost finished before mine even came. I suspect they forgot about my order and only remembered when they brought a lemon wedge for the scampi. Still, my food did eventually come. TOO MUCH OYSTER SAUCE. Or perhaps fish sauce. I don't know which but probably fish. It was bad. Overpowering and just unpleasant. You know how Thai flavours and sauces are incredibly strong and smell pretty awful in their bottles? Yeah, it tasted much too much like you expected it to taste. When I got to the other side of the plate, the slightly off fishy smell had dissipated a little but still, the food was both nothing special and had a slight aroma of something unpleasant. It wasn't very well balanced or very delicious. This place might want to stick to doing British pub fare; I tried a chip and it was delicious.

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